The Inter font family

Inter is a font family for highly legible text on computer screens. It’s open source and free to use in almost any way imaginable. Aug 2017

Introduction to WebAssembly

WebAssembly is a new technology for running portable programs in a safe and efficient manner, represented by a low-level virtual-machine assembly, primarily aimed at the web platform. This article gives a practical introduction to WebAssembly. Jan 2017

Components in Figma

By bringing concepts like composition, inheritance and unlimited overrides from engineering to design, Components move Figma closer to a world where we are able to easily reason about design systems as we go about our day to day work. Dec 2016


Gotalk exists to make it easy for programs to talk with one another over the internet, like a web app coordinating with a web server, or a bunch of programs dividing work amongst eachother. Jan 2015

The 1950s called and wanted their toolbox back

Your favourite fancy-pants modern programming language is from the 1950s. Pretty much any programming language used today is a derivative of Fortran or Lisp, both born in the 1950s. Okay, reality check: It’s 2013—yes, 60 years later—and we have cars that drive themselves on the street, robots roaming the surface of alien planets and tiny networked devices with interactive surfaces that we keep in our pockets, which are orders of magnitude more powerful than the computers of the 1950s. Jan 2013

Sol — a sunny little virtual machine

During this weekend, together with a few evenings earlier this week, I created a rather simple virtual machine dubbed Sol, after the Swedish word for sun. It’s register based with multitasking and timers. Oct 2012

Factorial and Fib in Hue

The “Hello World” of functional programming, result type inference, and multiple implementations in Hue May 2012

Hue — a functional programming language for fun & play

One of my latest hobby projects that didn’t die after a week — a functional programming language where everything’s an expression. May 2012

PeerTalk — hug it out over USB

A small iOS and OS X Cocoa library for communicating over USB and TCP Mar 2012

Designing a modern web-based application —

One and a half years ago me and Andreas released a new version of — a new kind of web app that runs completely in the browser. Today, this approach to designing web-based applications running client-side has become popular, so I thought I’d share some of the issues, approaches and design choices made during the development of Dropular. Sep 2011

An update on the programming language Move

A few months back I wrote a programming language called Move. Before the advent of Move, JavaScript (on Node.js) was my universal language of choice. Two years earlier it was Python. During the last four months I have basically been exclusive with Move – quick hacks, data mangling scripts, network services, websites, iphone apps… you name it. What initially was a fun week of language research and interviews with people, turned into a very usable programming language and library. Jul 2011

3 months at Facebook

Spotify box by Jordi Parra

Fellow designer Jordi Parra recently finished his masters degree project “Spotify box” — a beautiful little radio-like device which plays music through the Spotify platform. What’s really neat about Jordi’s Spotify box—except from its gorgeous design—is that it brings back the physical interaction with music as an object, but adjusted to the 21st century. A playable item is represented by a small token, conveying a link by wireless RFID technology. Mar 2011

Move — a programming language

As I’m very interested in human-computer interaction, programming languages and the act of looking at things from a wider perspective, I decided to design a programming language. First, I scribbled down some key points: Mar 2011

Why I wrote a programmer's text editor

In mid August 2010 I left Spotify to eventually work for Facebook in California. However, as the US Visa process is apparently not the simplest of constructions I’ve been having a sort of involuntary (but much appreciated) vacation. Jan 2011

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