Professional highlights

My career as a designer started in the 1990s with an online magazine I created with a few friends. I started helping others with design and websites to learn more. It eventually led me to my first job as a designer, at Lear Corporation in 1999.

Two years later I started a design agency together with Tobias Friberg and Andreas Fabbe. We called it Flajm and later renamed it to Notion.

In 2006 I took a big risk and jumped on the opportunity to join a start-up; Spotify, as one of the very first employees. It was one of the most impactful and important life choices I’ve made and I’m forever grateful for the experience I had.

Come 2010 I left Spotify after pretty much running the entire design department for four years. I joined Soleio and the rest of the incredibly talented folks at Facebook. I led the design of an operating system, working closely with Brett Taylor, Aaron Sittig, Mark Zuckerberg and several other inspiring people. Facebook Home was one of the products shipping from that project. After that I worked on Messenger for a while and then did a year as a software engineer, creating GraphQL together with Nick Schrock, Lee Byron and Daniel Schafer.

After an incredible time at Facebook, I moved to Dropbox where I worked on several research & development projects and their desktop app. This was an exciting time in Dropbox’s history as the company took its first steps outside the file syncing world, exploring photography, writing, machine intelligence and several other interesting fields. All this while also finding its own personality, its own voice as a bigger company.

Figma happened next for me, joining as one of the early employees when the whole company could fit in a couch. Much like Spotify, Figma was—and still is—one of those risks I took that came with an unimaginable reward in terms of experience, bonding with incredible people and having a lot of fun. Here I had the opportunity to shape the next generation of design tools: an incredible and humbling opportunity to have real positive impact, for real passionate people.

Notable work and contributions

The Inter typeface
used by millions world-wide, including big names like Unity, Pixar, GitHub, Mozilla, Figma and many others.

Lead designer, with Dylan Field, Evan Wallace, Sho Kuwamoto and many others

Director of design & founding member, with Daniel Ek and many other people

Founding member with Lee Byron, Nick Schrock and Dan Schafer

Foundation of the early Framer design tool, with Koen Bok

Origami / Quartz Composer at Facebook with Brandon Walkin

Facebook for iOS
with many people

Facebook Messenger with Soleio and Rob Mason

Facebook OS & Home with Bret Taylor, Julie Zhuo, Francis Luu, Joey Flynn and many others and many others

Spotify user data backend, high-perf infrastructure software, with Jon Åslund

Early NodeJS, 2009–2010, with Ryan Dahl and many others

Pro bono for the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design, with many people

Founder of Notion/Flajm
Design agency, 2001–2012, with Andreas Fabbe and Tobias Friberg

First job as a designer at Lear Corporation R&D Scandinavia in 1999

First big talk in front of thousands at the European Union IST summit in 2001

Started CocoaHeads Stockholm with Mattias Arrelid, Leo Giertz and Nevyn Bengtsson