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Inter is open source.
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How to install

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Using Font Book

  1. Open the "Font Book" application
  2. In the main menu, select File, then "Add Fonts..."
  3. Find the "Inter Desktop" folder, select the folder and press the Open button

Using Finder

  1. Copy the "Inter Desktop" folder
  2. Press ⇧⌘G in Finder and go to: ~/Library/Fonts
  3. Delete any existing "Inter" files and folders
  4. Paste the "Inter Desktop" folder
  1. Copy the "Inter Desktop" folder in the zip file to your Desktop
  2. Open the "Inter Desktop" folder on your Desktop
  3. Select all font files
  4. Right-click the selected files and choose "Install for all users"

If you have a previous installation of Inter, you should make sure to remove those fonts files before installing new ones. You need to install the font for all users, as some software requires fonts to be global.

ClearType-hinted fonts

Inter also comes with a version that has TrueType hints used by ClearType on Windows. This changes the appearance of the fonts when rendered on a system with ClearType enabled and can in some cases increase the legibility of text. However, the hints for Inter are automatically generated and are not always a good thing.

If you do prefer to use the version with hints, use the font files in the "Inter Hinted for Windows/Desktop" folder instead of "Inter Desktop".

There are many different Linux distributions and some handle font management differently. These instructions are for the most common Linux distributions.

  1. Create a folder called ".fonts" in your home directory.
    Example: mkdir -p ~/.fonts
  2. Copy the otf files in the "Inter Desktop" folder into your .fonts directory.
    Example: cp "Inter Desktop"/*.otf ~/.fonts/

You may have to restart apps and/or your window server session.

Again, these instructions are for the most common Linux distributuons like Ubuntu and might not apply to you. Refer to the documentation for your distribution for more details on how to manage fonts in your OS.

Linux Q&A

Q: I installed the fonts but they don't show up
A: Try rebuilding the font database:
sudo fc-cache -f -v
Then restart your program(s).

Q: Is there a way to tell if Inter was actually installed?
A: Try running: fc-list | grep "Inter"

Q: ~/.fonts is an old thing. The new thing is ~/.local/share/fonts
A: Yes, that is true for recent distributions. These distros usually support ~/.fonts as well making these instructions work for everyone.