Moved from Tumblr to Jekyll+GitHub

As many other people running their blogs on Tumblr I’ve become painfully aware of their failures to provide an acceptable service. Hours and sometimes days of downtime is unacceptable, even for a free service, when one of the most important parts of the service is availability.

So after some inquiries through Twitter I finally decided to go for Jekyll and GitHub Pages (thanks to @al3x, @masolino and everyone else who helped with answers in the right direction). As I’m already a paying subscriber to the fantastic GitHub I get the pages feature for free. Another thing I’m concerned with is peering to non-US countries, which is provided by GitHub as they sit on top of the very good Rackspace connections. As a comparison, fetching a simple HTML page from GitHub pages to Stockholm, Sweden takes about 250ms while fetching the same HTML from Tumblr can take up to 4 seconds to arrive.

I order to get all my data over from Tumblr I wrote a small script which queries the Tumblr API and converts them into Jekyll posts. The script is available at _scripts/import-from-tumblr.js and is accompanied by a script to generate a URL map, used to provide some sort of old links redirection. I’m using a simple javascript solution found in my 404.html but you might as well do something fancier with the generated url map.

So let’s see how this turns out.