I'm moving on

Moving on

After four years of giving birth to and developing Spotify I’m moving on to a new adventure: In October later this year I’m starting as a product designer at Facebook – a journey of innovation, design and the future of the internet.

Leaving Spotify is indeed very emotional – my little baby – but at some point you have to let the bird out of it’s cage. I believe Facebook is a very interesting entity which is changing the way we look at the internet in large – I’m thrilled and very happy to become a part of that.

For me, working with basic human needs (music, social interaction, etc) in an aspect where peoples lives are being improved, has always been the focus of my professional life, thus both Spotify and now Facebook.

The time with Spotify has been the best in my life so far; the people, the laughers, the time we cried out loud, the times of frustration and the times of pure happiness. Being part of and seeing a seed of a world-changing idea grow up to be a industry changing, world spread “thing” is something which can’t be explained. An awesome feeling.

During the end of this summer I’m moving to San Francisco, marking the beginning of an exciting journey with Facebook. As I’ll be a new swede in town, let’s hook up (and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two about the area).