Write your own Spotify client

spotify-core-logoWe just released libspotify – The Spotify Core library – into the wild. This will enable anyone to write their own Spotify client application. libspotify is a C library which exposes all the features of the regular desktop application, except from the user interface – that, you have to write yourself ;). Now, of course there's a catch: You have to have a Spotify premium account in order to use the library. But as the music-loving Spotify user you are, you're already a Premium user, right? right?!. First off, you need to apply for a application key which will be used to identify your application in our system. Then off to the download section and grab a copy of this funky library (the link that says something like "tar.gz"). This package includes all you need to get started – the compiled library, documentation, example code, the Spotify Core logotype as well as a copy of the terms of use. At the moment, only Linux on IA-32 (Intel Architecture, 32-bit) is supported. Our goal is to support a host of additional platforms in the future. The API have two distinct features: Objects, or structs, are reference counted using functions named like sp_<type>_{release,retain}. Second; you have to establish a sp_session object before calling any of the other library functions. Basically, you log in and receive a context object which is then passed around to the different library function calls. The examples which are provided with the downloadable package can also be viewed on the website. You should also read our brand new official Developer Blog at Here's the official post announcing libspotify.