Don't push the button

A fun and inspiring advertising/art project I’ve been involved in (wrote the server and client software) is currently running (Mon 26 – Tue 27, 2009) at Stockholm Central station.

Don't push the button

You push a button, the huge Satio phone replica snaps a photo and publishes it instantly on the web, also displaying it on a huge screen in the main hall.

Don't push the button Don't push the button Don't push the button

The server is based on the Nginx HTTP push module and the client (the huge phone) is comprised of a Mac Mini, a standard USB camera, some wiring done by my brother and a simple Cocoa application I wrote which simply takes a photo from the camera, compresses it and publishes it to the server. Niclas Bergström wrote the front-end (HTML & Javascript).

A The Viral Company production.

Update: time-lapse video