Reliable SMS services?

Sender Receiver

I had this conversation over SMS/Text today. Funny thing is something happened with the message as it traveled through the servers and routers: Another persons message, or part of it, was appended to my message and the timestamp of the message got seriously skewed up. The left image is from my phone, showing the date, time and original message (green). The image to the right hand side displays the message actually received on the other phone. Note how the date in the received message is many days back in time.

How can things like this happen? Luckily, the person who received this understood something was wrong with the message. But hey, what if I’ve sent something really important, like nuclear weapon launch cancellation codes and those got screwed up?

For you who do not understand Swedish; “ska du knulla eller virka?” means “are you going to fuck or crochet?”