From Camino to Safari and easy tagging

I’ve been using Mozilla Camino for a long time, mostly due to my heavy keyword usage. I don’t even have any bookmarks in the classic sense, only tags on (keyword t TAGS…) and frequently used sites as short keywords. (i.e. becomes fb)

Until recently, Safari and keywords has not computed. Sure, there are stuff like Saft, but it breaks often and I really do rely on my keywords. Today I got a tip from my friend Dan about Keywurl, a tool which gives the Safari keywords, and do not break (what I’ve heard) on minor updates or patches. It uses SIMBL and is pretty easy to install.

Keywurl preferences interface

  1. Grab a fresh version of SIMBL[1]
  2. Now, head over to Keywurls homepage and click the big "Download and install" button
  3. Restart Safari if it's running and go into Safari Preferences. You will have a new preference pane at the rightmost side of the toolbar. That's where you manage keywords.

Tagging to

I thought it might be appropriate to introduce a small tool me and Mattias has been using for a while to tag bookmarks.

</embed> Download »

Just tag something

Saving this as a keyword, let’s say t, will allow you to tag the web site your visiting by simply typing t tag1 tag2 … in the address field.

Tag with description

This works like the snippet above, except from before being sent, it will put up a input box and ask you for a description.

Searching your bookmarks

You might wonder “Hey, you guys probably save my password, no way.” So here’s the source, so you can see for yourself that we do not log any information using the script and we promise we do not log user nor password using any other means (i.e. httpd access log, curl log, etc)

[1] The SIMBL package that comes with Keywurl 1.3.4 is broken, so better get the real deal.