Dropbox URL helper

</embed>I communicate a lot using files. Images, videos, screencaps, pdfs, etc - and there’s always problems sharing files over techniques like instant messaging, e-mail, etc.

My solution is very simple: I make them temporarily available over HTTP. Everyone can receive the file, where there they are behing file million firewalls or not.

So I run a simple web server, have a folder called tmp and put a softlink to it on my desktop. Then when I need to send a file, I simply drop it in the folder (move or copy) and then send the link to the receiver(s). The only tricky and time-consuming part here is that you have to construct the URL yourself. And you cant really put sensitive material with names like Picture 1.png, Picture 2.png, ….

Well, this little AppleScript, which you attach to the tmp-folder as a Folder Action, creates a nice link for you and put it in the clipboard. It also adds a crc32 checksum to the beginning of the filename, just to add some security-by-obscurity as well as avoiding “file already exists…” dialogs.