Spotify has moved

CommotionAaaaah! I’m sooo releaved, happy and tired right now. We finally made the move from Riddargatan to Humlegårdsgatan. After sitting with blueprints, layout charts, placing maps and furniture lists for almost 4 months, I’m really glad everything worked out well. Spotify now has a brand new, luxury, 800 sqm office with space to grow in. This marks the real serious beginning of Spotify.

Today, we moved everything into Humlegårdsgatan and got a mediocre percentage of our new furniture, which came in a 1.5 tonnes IKEA load. Ha, ha… Box called and “Oh, Hi, it’s from IKEA. We have a small load of stuff for you. Or, ehum, it’s not really a small load. Ha, ha… Eh, it’s huge. We need to clear the street outside to park the truck.”