Mac OS X v5, aka Leopard

macosx_index_leopardishere20071026.pngThe new version of Mac OS X has been released and here’s my somewhat incomplete review.

Time Machine

timemachine_hdicon20071016.pngIn my workstation I have several disks. Prior to Leopard I had the system installed on a 2-disk mirrored RAID-set. (If one disk dies, the other one has a copy of the data) Leopard features The Time Machine, which basically is an automated backup system. When a file changes, is added or deleted, the modifications are recorded to another disk. Time Machine also keeps a backlog of changes as far as the disk space on the backup drive permits.

Time Machine makes the following statement as how to prioritize backup:

  1. Hourly backups for the past 24 hours
  2. Daily backups for the past month
  3. Weekly backups until your backup disk is full

I dedicated one of my previously mirrored disks to Time Machine and thus did not want to see it on my desktop. If you’re a true hackintosh user you have the developer tools installed which includes a nice utility for setting magic flags on files. To make the drive TimeMachine hidden from the Finder, do this: /Developer/Tools/SetFile -a V /Volumes/TimeMachineIt will not show up anywhere in normal find windows, but do show up in Time Machines “select drive” window. Very neat. Works like a charm.