Goodbye Gaia, hello HAL

Today our old server, Gaia, begun to crash in havoc. HTTP/S is out and the file system is trash beyond repair. It’s been on it’s way down for quite some time now and we have luckily invested in a replacement machine, which we have given the extremely cool name HAL.

Spent most of the day getting the most critical web sites up again on HAL, since Apache 2 on Gaia simply hangs, in a very peculiar way. (See the little screenshot to the right)

Mighty HAL is a Dell PowerEdge situated in Stockholm, featuring much hotter stuff than Gaia do. We run Debian, of course and for HTTP we place our bets on Lighttpd.

Next big step will be to seamlessly (yeah, right…) move the somewhat complex mail server setup from Gaia to HAL without peoples mail disappearing into the void of cyberspace. That’ll be a really hard nut to crack.

Me, Mattias and Miken will take on this glorious task!