An Introduction to Spotify URI:s

Version 0.1.3 of Spotify introduces Uniform Resource Identifiers for sharing and locating artists, albums, searches, playlists and songs within the Spotify library.

For example, this is Hot Chips’ album The Warning:


You create these location strings by drag-and-drop or simply by accessing the context menu of certain items, like albums, tracks or playlists.

Spotify also introduces a URL in order to support clickable links dragged into for example MSN messenger, Adium Instant Messenger or an E-mail. This is how The Warning looks like in URL form:

Referencing to a search is just as easy:


The search URI has a long line of options. For example year, genre, artist and album. Options, or keywords, like these are written just like you would write them in the search box within Spotify, but with some extra details for reasons of technical restriction:

Applications built with Spotify URI support

These applications has been patched and will hopefully include Spotify URI support in future official releases. (Update: Adium 1.3 is now released with Spotify URI support)