Nikon D200 Unpacking Ceremony

Here’s one fine unpacking ceremony for all you photo-tech lovers out there to enjoy.</p>

			<p><img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/2006-10-11_062102PM.jpg" alt="" />
		Cartons arrived. Tension rises&#8230;</p>

			<p><img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/2006-10-11_062758PM.jpg" alt="" />
		Contents of the <span class="caps">D200</span> package. My fingers itch! Want&#8230;to&#8230;touch&#8230;must&#8230;snap&#8230;photo&#8230;first&#8230;</p>

			<p><img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/2006-10-11_062246PM.jpg" alt="" />
		And here&#8217;s the content of the MB-D200 box. (suprise!)</p>

			<p><img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/2006-10-11_062818PM.jpg" alt="" />
		The camera house up-close. It feels like a solid piece of light metal. Incredible. And it fits my hands better than the Nikon <span class="caps">D50</span>, which is a bit thicker and shorter.</p>

			<p><img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/2006-10-11_064414PM.jpg" alt="" />
		Compared to Nikon <span class="caps">D50</span>. You can easily tell they have the same mother.</p>

			<p><img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/2006-10-11_064046PM.jpg" alt="" />
		This is their butts. Pretty, eyh?</p>

			<p><img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/2006-10-11_070738PM.jpg" alt="" />
		With MB-D200 and Sigma <span class="caps">EX DC 18</span>-50/2.8 attached.</p>

			<p>That&#8217;s all my friends. Now I&#8217;m going back to ejoying my early christmas. Cheers for technology!</p>

		<hr />

			<p><strong>Here&#8217;s a few test shots</strong></p>

			<p><img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/p2006-10-11_083114PM.jpg" alt="" />
		<img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/p2006-10-11_090044PM.jpg" alt="" />
		<img src="/resources/old/d200_unpacking/p2006-10-11_091650PM.jpg" alt="" /></p>

			<p>As you should know, <a href="">I love Flickr and post my photos here&#8230;</a>