Flickr and PHP

A friend of me, Fredrik Stark, just came across this presentation from the dudes at Flickr, about how it’s built and how they use PHP, MySQL as well as other technologies.</p>

			<p>The presentation also outlines hardware and software architecture, why <span class="caps">PEAR</span> is stupid, some intruiging load statistics, why <span class="caps">PHP 4</span> sucks, how java works and alot of other things.</p>

			<p>Even if you&#8217;re not as intrigued as me about this, you should flip through it anyway, because of the funny details.</p>

			<p><a href=""><strong>flickr_php.pdf</strong></a></p>

			<p><br /></p>

			<p><img src="/resources/old/flickr_and_php.gif" alt="" />