Black Screensaver for OS X

Ok, so OS X has some nice screensavers. But I don’t want a fancy-pantsy processor eating blob in 7 different colors. I want a black screen.</p>

			<p>My solution, until now, was simply to set the display-sleep-timeout lower than the start-screensaver-timeout. However, I lock my screen using top-right hot-corner for starting the screensaver, thus requiring password to get back. <small>(If I don&#8217;t lock my computer, my fellow buddies at work invites the boss for a hot night using my name. Not good. Not. Good.)</small></p>

			<p>So I made this non-animating, non-updating black screensaver.<br /></p>

			<p style="text-align:center;"><a href=""><img src="/resources/old/BlackScreenSaver.png" alt="" /></a></p>

			<p><br /></p>

			<p>It&#8217;s compiled as a &#8220;universal binary&#8221;, for both <span class="caps">PPC</span> and Intel macs. Click the icon above to download. Unzip and double-click the bastard to install it.</p>

		<hr />

			<p><a href=""></a> has a solution for making the &#8220;instant screen sleep&#8221; happen.