Gems in Snow Leopard

Sep 16, 2009

Just got a few so far, but I’m sure Twitter will yield lots more over the coming days, so I’m preparing for a gigantic list ;)

  • Exposé
    • Press space to make the thumbnail under the cursor full-sized (for quick previews). @fraserspeirs
    • Press command-1 to sort windows by name. @mikeysan
    • Press command-2 to group by application. @mikeysan
  • Dock
    • Minimize windows to “the application icon” is a setting on Dock, which will store your minimized windows in Exposé instead of on the right side of the dock. Highly recommended! @joar_at_work
  • For devs
    • -[NSArray enumerateObjectsAtIndexes:options:usingBlock:] with NSEnumerationConcurrent. @fraserspeirs
    • /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaScriptCore.framework /Versions/A/Resources/jsc is an interactive Javascript commandline tool. @ccgus

(via nevyn)

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